Nicotine gums

Have you been trying and failing to quit or at least control the amount of cigarettes you huff every day? Perhaps you’re doing something wrong. Cigarette addiction is a serious (and often perilous) vice, connected to dozens of health-threatening diseases. It could start with a simple trial due to peer-pressure and end up in a dependence in a matter of months.

So, what’s the best way to stop cigarette addiction without experiencing the deadly effects of withdrawal? Well, let me introduce you to my tiny friend right here, nicotine gums.

Nicotine gums

In a nutshell

Nicotine gum can be easily bought at your local pharmacy or even online. A piece of nicotine gum is chewed briefly to release the chemical, then allowed to rest in the mouth, then chewed again when the effect wears off. This method allows nicotine, the primary addicting substance of cigarettes, to be absorbed into the body through our mouth lining. Nicotine gum can be used for two to three months, and up to a maximum of six months.Further usage can result in addiction.

Is it for me?

Today’s smokers are better informed about the hazardous effects of cigarette, so it’s normal to stumble upon puffers who are serious ingiving up their sticks. Although quitting can be a real challenge, there are methods that are proven to help, including counseling and medication.

Nicotine gums have been proven to an effective countermeasure against cigarette addiction. Perfect for those who are trying to quit but are struggling with nicotine withdrawal.


Nicotine gums are generally available under the brand names Nicorette and Nicorette DS. However, generic forms of nicotine gums in the form of Nicotrol, Habitrol, and Prostep are also common, having the same potency as their branded relatives.

The gum comes in 2 and 4 milligrams (mg) doses. On average you’ll spend at least $4.50 for 10 pieces of gum, the amount people need to chew every day to control their nicotine withdrawal.

How do I use it?

Nicotine gums are not chewed the way normal gums are. If you did, all the nicotine would be instantly released into your saliva. If you swallow that nicotine-soaked saliva, it would induce a terrible stomachache and a horrible and overwhelming desire for a huff of cigarette.

Instead, you should use a method called “chew-and-park.”

  • Chew the nicotine gum slowly several times to break it down, or until you taste a peppery taste or a note of tingling sensation in your mouth.
  • Put the gum in-between your cheek and gum, the same thing people do with their tobaccos. The nicotine will pass through your mouth’s lining and into your bloodstream, inducing a hit of nicotine that reaches your brain in a few minutes.
  • When the effect subsides, in about a minute or two, repeat the process of chewing and parking.
  • Continue this process for about 30 minutes; at this point you will have used up all the nicotine in the gum.

Through all this, you need to prepare yourself for possible drawbacks from nicotine, including hiccups, nausea, dizziness or upset stomach if you swallow or use it improperly. You could also end up getting hooked on the nicotine gum, so it’s important to limit your usage to six months. You should also consult a medical expert when undergoing this treatment.

As long as you stick through it and use it correctly, nicotine gums will help you achieve the success you’ve been hoping for – to be freed from the shackles of smoking addiction.

Best of luck!

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