Surgery for Hemorrhoids

More than 50% of us will suffer from piles at some point in our lives before we turn fifty. But despite being so incredibly common, most of us aren’t open to discussing hemorrhoid treatment options with one another. One common type of treatment is surgery. There is no question that in some scenarios surgery is the answer, but in several others, alternative treatments can alleviate the symptoms and heal the hemorrhoids without having to go to such drastic measures.

Surgery for Hemorrhoids

Your Surgical Options

  • External Hemorrhoids

External hemorrhoids are those which are visible and can often be felt. The surgical procedure for this type of hemorrhoid (known as a hemorrhoidectomy) is used to remove very large and uncomfortable hemorrhoids. If there is a blood clot present, it will also be removed in order to ensure full pain relief. In many cases, a hemorrhoidectomy is only performed if the anal area is being treated for another reason.

  • Internal Hemorrhoids

Internal hemorrhoids are surgically treated using the same procedure as external hemorrhoids. The surgical procedure is typically only performed to treat large internal hemorrhoids or a grouping of several smaller hemorrhoids.

A Visit to the Doctor’s Office

In some situations, a quick trip to the doctor’s office may help. Rather than undergo surgery, your doctor may be able to make a small incision where a lump has grown. This will remove the blood clot, reduce the pressure and pain, and expedite the healing of a larger hemorrhoid.

The Problem with Surgery

Doctors are extremely cautious when recommending surgery as a treatment for hemorrhoids. Many see it as an unnecessary risk and will only suggest surgery as a final measure. Some common risks that come with surgery include:

  • Uncontrolled bleeding
  • A negative reaction to an anaesthetic
  • Infections

It is also important to consider that the anal area is surrounded by extremely tender tissues. Given that the area will need stitching to properly heal, those who opt for surgery are often met with days of incredible pain, swelling and discomfort.

Looking into Natural Treatments

The first and often only step that one has to take when treating hemorrhoids is to treat them by natural means. Some common natural treatments include:

  • Changing one’s diet: Incorporate more fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as healthy fibres into your diet
  • Increase one’s exercise: Even a brisk 20 to 30-minute walk around the block can help alleviate discomfort and improve bowel function
  • Change one’s posture when toileting: Try squatting on the toilet rather than sitting. You may need a stool or some books to help prop your feet up, but it makes eliminating easier

In addition to the above, consider taking a natural supplement to help expedite healing. There are a number of products on the market, so do your research. Look into how effective the treatment has been for others, read the list of ingredients, and most importantly, receive your doctor’s approval to use the treatment prior to taking it.

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