The race of humans to be arête, and the need for high perception and boosted memory made the scientists to burn their brain and finally to the discovery of some smart molecules. These smart molecules increase alertness and perception, boosts memory, learning, and focus. These factors totally improve brain cell health. From the school going students to the elderly takes these supplements to get these improved cognitive functions. The parents of the school going children’s provide them these cognitive boosters to become masters in their academics. Where the elderly take these supplements to get rid of the age related cognitive disorders and hence to improve their neuron cell health.

Piracetam was the one of the very first among these smart molecules, and sadly the wide acceptance for this made the reason for the development and study of artificial methods. As now a day’s, society tends for the consuming habit, without patience and practical knowledge led these artificial methods get praised all around. Although these supplements have a lot of positive outlook many people fail to know about its adverse effects.

The long term usage as well as over dosage of these supplements will make serious health problems and which will lead to dependency also. The long term usage of these supplements can cause heart problems to headaches also, depending upon the duration used and the dosage taken. Even, the food and Drug Administration in United States has banned this supplement in usage quoting that this is not a food. Rather from these artificial means which cause high risk to the user’s health, we can improve our memory by the natural means itself.  From a healthy diet itself, we can improve a lot.

Natural methods by which we can boost our memory

Healthy diet: “You are what you eat” we all have heard this age old adage; it is true for not only about physique but also for our mind too. A healthy diet will increase perception and memory with a lower risk in thinking and memory decline at older ages. Healthy diet containing a lot of fruits, raw vegetables, fish, nuts and minimal use of sugar and salt will improve our cognitive function.

Yoga and Meditation: Researchers say that just a 20 minute of yoga and meditation will improve our memory. The yoga and pranayama will improve the blood flow towards the brain and hence active neurotransmissions and longer cell life can be achieved. The breathing exercise will provide enough oxygen supply to brain, thereby improving cognitive functions.

Cigarette and alcohol: Minimal or no usage of cigarettes and alcohol can prevent the fast decline in memory and cognitive functions for the age old. As the brain processes are slowed down by these things the neuron cell life cycle will get declined

A balanced diet and healthy habit is more than anything needed, and if you have it you are an intelligent person and if you still need more you can think of artificial means, but that will not be a need that will be a greed.

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