Corporate events can be used to help inspire and build team loyalty when a business is undergoing changes or needing to pump life into their company. There are many types of events you can organise to help bring your team together, including both indoor and outdoor events.

These events can include physical activities and challenges to test a team’s ability to work together and to help develop trust. However, when you organise such events, you need to ensure the safety of the people involved in them.

Running a Safe Event

There are many things you need to consider if you are organising an outdoor corporate event to help ensure the safety of those participating. Since a corporate event is considered a work activity, it could be subject to the Health and Work Safety, etc. Act 1974.

This legislation involves the responsibilities of those managing such an event and ensuring the safety of those who are employed by them. Any other participants of the event, such as family members, should not have their health or safety put at risk.

When you are organising a corporate event for your business, it may be a good idea to consult with your legal team about your legal responsibilities and how to get insurance coverage for the event in case injuries occur or people become ill. You don’t want to stage an event and then find your business in jeopardy because you didn’t know your legal responsibilities.


Hiring Medical Cover

One way to ensure the health and safety of the participants and to cover your business during the event is to get medical cover for your corporate events. When you hire medical cover, you will have the necessary medical personnel onsite to handle medical emergencies, whether they are the result of injuries from participating in the event or someone falling ill.

Onsite medical personnel can triage the patient and treat minor illnesses or injuries, or, if necessary, they can transport more serious cases to a local hospital. Getting prompt medical attention can keep an illness or injury from becoming worse and putting the patient’s life at risk.

Hiring a medical services company can also help you get liability insurance to cover your event. When planning an event, you may be required to have liability insurance by local authorities and having onsite medical cover in place can help get the coverage you need to help offset the costs of someone being injured during the activities you’ve organized.

When you are planning a team building event for your company, make sure to become familiar with the legislation covering work events and learn about the company’s responsibilities to ensure the safety of all the employees who will be expected to attend the event. The legislation covering work events is quite involved, and you will want to make sure your event is in compliance with the law.

Hiring a company to provide medical cover for your event will help meet some of the requirements of the law and ensure the health and safety of your workers.

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