Gamma knife radio-surgery tend to be a kind of radiation therapy utilized to take care of vascular malformations, tumors and some other sort of abnormalities found in a patient’s brain. This gamma knife radio-surgery just like various other kinds of SRS – stereotactic radio-surgery does not mean the traditional type of surgery since it involves no incision.

Gamma knife for brain tumor treatment in India makes use of some specialized type of equipment to converge nearly 200 tiny sorts of beams regarding radiation over any a tumor or some other kind of target having sub-millimeter precision. However, every beam of radiation does have extremely less impact on the tissue of the brain it travels through; a potent dose regarding radiation is administered to the area where the entire band of beams meets.

The accuracy of this brain stereotactic radiosurgery does deliver nominal damage to hale and hearty tissues encompassing the area under treatment. Gamma knife radiosurgery normally makes a single therapy concluded in one day.

Need to perform this surgery

Gamma knife radio-surgery forms a safe choice in comparison to other types of neurosurgery- brain surgery in which a cut is given in the patient’s skull, also all membranes encompassing brain tissue and brain as well.  Gamma knife radiosurgery is undertaken only when there are conditions as given below:

1-When a tumor or some type of abnormality in the patient’s brain is very difficult to reach through standard neurosurgery

2-In the condition when the patient is not fit to be operated upon by standard neurosurgery

3-As a patient wants to go through the less invasive type of treatment

In a few instances, this gamma knife radiosurgery does have the least danger of side effects in comparison to various other kinds of radiation therapy. This type of surgery is mainly done for treating below given conditions:

A brain tumor

Radio-surgery tends to be very helpful for managing some conditions such as brain tumors that are malignant and little benign, noncancerous tumors. This radiosurgery causes destruction to DNA – the genetic material found in the cells of a tumor. By this process, the cells are deprived of the capability to reproduce hence die and cause shrinking of a tumor.

AVM – arteriovenous malformation

Arteriovenous malformation can be said to be abnormal tangles found in the patient’s veins and arteries of the brain. In this condition, the patient’s blood travels from his arteries towards veins and bypasses capillaries – small blood vessels. These AVMs do interfere with normal blood flow and tend to cause bleeding. Radiosurgery can annihilate this AVM, and the capillaries are blocked in the end.

Trigeminal neuralgia

It is a sort of disorder found in both or one of the trigeminal nerves which pass on sensory information in between the places of the forehead, lower jaw, cheek and the brain. In this nerve disorder the patient experiences shooting pain in his face just like an electrical shock. When this treatment is given to such patients, they feel relief in some days for several months.

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