Before you take that anabolic steroid, it is vital to understand liver function. Why is this so? The liver is the primary internal organ responsible for detoxifying or metabolizing the drugs taken by humans. After breaking down these drugs, the liver will separate the bad metabolites or by-products and prevent the harmful metabolites from hurting the human body.
Why should you care?

Having a good understanding of how the liver works can improve your sensitivity to liver protection. Anabolic steroids and other drugs are good, but they can cause irreparable damages and liver problems if care is not taken. The anabolic steroids you take are mostly synthetic; that is, their components are derived from the laboratory. Consequently, they are more difficult to handle for the liver. However, the liver handles them perfectly well if you do not take an excess of these products.
The liver runs at its own pace. It produces specific enzymes and other proteins for conjugating the byproducts of breaking down the anabolic steroids. Conjugation is the process whereby the liver converts harmful substances to non-harmful ones in the body. The liver will get its job done correctly, provided the quantity of byproducts generated by the anabolic steroid is not more than what its neutralizing enzymes can handle.

However, taking excess anabolic steroid will lead to an increase in the number of byproducts generated from the drugs you have taken. The liver may fail to metabolize this excess if the byproducts are more than the capacity of its neutralizing enzyme.
The amount of byproducts neutralized by the liver will deposit on the liver tissue over time and can cause various liver diseases.
The various liver problem caused by anabolic steroid

The alkyl group present on the 17th carbon of anabolic steroid is the factor responsible for their damaging effect on the liver. The steroid will reduce the quantity of hormones produced by the liver for its function; this will lead to increase in LDL, which will increase the risk of cardiovascular problems.
The list below represents some of the liver problems you can experience due to excess anabolic steroid intake:
• Cardiovascular problems
• Liver inflammation
• Cholestasis, which is the decrease in bile flow, leading to a buildup of bile in the liver.
• Hepatitis
• Liver cirrhosis
• Liver failure.
Some common symptoms of liver damage due to anabolic steroids are:
• Chronic fatigue
• Abdominal swelling and pain
• Dark urine
• Jaundice
• Itching
• Loss of appetite
• Nausea and vomiting
Liver protection ideas

When taking anabolic steroids or other forms of drugs, you need to tread very carefully so that you can keep your liver in good health for long. The liver protection ideas given below will prove helpful.
First of all, do not take more than the right dose of liver protection hormones. Secondly, make sure you drink a lot of water each time you take steroids or any other drug for that matter. This will improve the ability of the liver to secrete more essential hormones so that it can metabolize or conjugate more byproducts of the drug you have taken. Also, always discuss with your doctor or professionals before you take any drug.
A faster way to liver protection

Many products are formulated for liver protection, and they can prevent the liver from coming down with the effects of the drugs you take. Consequently, they can keep the liver functional and healthy until far into old age. Consequently, you can take your anabolic steroid or any other drug without the fear of unwanted side effect.

Liver protection products are great, but you must only buy from reputable outlets so that you do not end up buying imitations that may cause more harm than good.

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