Gone are the days when millions of people used to be haunted by the scars left behind by acne on their skin. The severity of scars can range from mild to extremely severe and many people find these scars very displeasing. Thanks to advances in technology, Canada MedLaser Clinics treatment method ushers in cutting edge solutions that are very effective to provide long lasting solutions to acne scars.

If you want to permanently eradicate acne scars, there are a number of laser treatment options that you may want to consider. Most of your scars will most likely fade away as time goes by; and if they do not pose any psychological threat to you, letting time take its course may be your ideal solution.

Collagen injection is one of the best methods available for those looking to get rid of acne scars.  Collagen, a substance taken from the body, is injected underneath the skin to stretch or fill out the scars on your skin

Treatment can take up to about three to six months and can be very expensive. However, results are rapid and improvements can be visible in skin complexion.

Another effective treatment is the removal and injection of the patient’s body fat  and injected back into the skin. The effectiveness of this treatment depends largely on the rate at which the body re-absorbs its own fat. Typically, this method could last for about six to eighteen months.

Other permanent acne scar removal treatments include; Microdermabrasion laser treatment, skin grafting and skin surgery.

Below are two permanent methods for removing acne scars:

Laser resurfacing: This treatment option is used to burn off the top layer of the skin. By getting rid of the topmost skin layer, the underlying layers begin the replacement process by producing collagen to replace the top layer; this translates to a healthier looking new skin.

Fractional Laser Therapy: This treatment method is often recommended for patients with protruding or bumpy scars. It involves the use of a laser to penetrate deep into the skin without causing harm to the topmost layer. This treatment helps to burn away the underlying skin layers and smoothens out the scarred area, thus giving the skin a more even look.

A number of individual factors can determine the total cost of a laser removal process, and can be expensive especially when on you are on a tight budget. Factors like;

  1. Hospital charge for the treatment
  2. Doctors bill
  3. Cost per session etc

The main advantage of laser treatment is its rapid recovery rate and sheer effectiveness. Unfortunately, insurance does not cover this package. However if you can’t afford the cost of permanent acne scar removal procedures, you can look into other natural or non-surgical treatments available for the treatment of acne scars.

There have been recent developments about new laser treatment features, be sure to ask about these new updates in laser scar removal when next you meet your doctor.


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