Blood Sugar Testing

Diabetes has rapidly started spreading among people with cropping up of issues such as obesity and improper food consumption. People suffering from diabetes problem should check their blood sugar levels on a regular basis. This will prove very helpful for them and further proves helpful to avoid complications related to diabetes. Self monitoring forms the most vital part in managing diabetes in the most effective way and gives the person, an idea about the blood sugar levels.

When a person gets a blood sugar test done, the test lets the person know about the amount of sugar termed as glucose present in the blood sample. It is important to keep a log of your blood test results. When you show this record to your doctor, it will give a good picture to your doctor regarding your body’s response to the treatment. You can approach the best doctor to get blood tests in London to identify if any health problem persists or not.

Blood Sugar Testing

Appropriate Time for Carrying out a Blood Sugar Test

A person suffering from diabetes may have to check blood sugar during different times of a day like before doing exercise or taking meals or at bedtime and whenever the person thinks that blood sugar levels are low. It is better to consult a doctor who will give you the right advice regarding how often and at what time, you should check blood sugar levels.

Below are some different methods of blood sugar testing:

  1. Glucose tolerance test It is a type of medical test also termed as the OGTT (Oral Glucose Tolerance Test), which checks how your body maintains sugar levels. It is performed to diagnose diabetes usually in pregnant women who are at high risk of developing this disease.
  1. Blood sugar test It measures the amount of glucose present in the blood and is carried out by obtaining a small blood sample and analysing the sample. This test proves very useful in diagnosing diabetes and helps in measuring the amount of glucose present in the blood.
  2. Glycated haemoglobin test This test is carried out for measuring the levels of blood glucose and how it is being controlled over a certain time period. Further, it is carried out to test the glycation amount reflecting glucose within the red blood cells.
  1. Finger-prick blood sugar screening – It is one of the important tests carried out to keep a check on diabetes. The blood for this test is analyzed via a small monitor, which tells the person about the exact amount of sugar present in the blood.

It can be said that the above mentioned tests prove helpful to the sufferer in dealing with diabetes problem and helps them to avoid any complications pertaining to it at a later stage. Thus, make sure you get these tests done to deal with diabetes problem in an effective way.

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