electronic cigarettes

With a 30 day money back guarantee, free post and packing with orders over forty five pounds in the UK and a one year warranty, try electronic cigarettes now. If you are a smoker and would like to give up, they are definitely the answer. They have an easy to refill tank system and if you’ve a sweet tooth there’s the sweet e-liquid range to choose from.

Why try e-cigarettes?

You don’t know what you’re missing until you try e-cigarettes. They have pharmaceutical grade e-liquid ingredients along with:-

  • Premium vegetable glycerol base formulae
  • Being compliant with EU CHIP
  • Being tested for consistency, safety and quality
  • Having an exclusive e-liquid for an ultimate throat hit

Find out more about the best electronic cigarette liquid by doing a little research online. There are many blog sites you can study with plenty of info on health and fitness as well as reasons to try electric cigarettes.

electronic cigarettes

Designed in the UK

These amazing electronic cigarettes that have liquid refills are designed in the UK with the latest kits available to order online now. The kits are more realistic, lighter and smaller than those you could buy years ago having maximum volume vapour filters and refills. With over thirty different flavours and many colours to choose from you are definitely spoilt for choice.

Benefits of using electric cigarettes

There are many benefits of using electric cigarettes, some of which are mentioned in online blog websites regarding men’s and women’s health issues. The most important ones are:-

  1. There’s no ash or smell
  2. There’s no tar or carbon monoxide
  3. No tobacco smoke, only vapour
  4. You can smoke them anywhere
  5. They are socially acceptable in public places

Electronic cigarettes are also safer than a real cigarette as there are no flames or combustion so you can enjoy an electric cigarette where the real thing is banned.

Latest models

It really does pay to keep checking blog and review sites for the latest models in electronic cigarettes. You can find out what other people say about these cigarettes, the latest designs and styles, along with prices. On the market there’s now a two piece electronic cigarette which looks just like the real thing. It has a warm thick volume of smoke which makes it extremely realistic. With a battery and LED end that power the device and a cartomiser that converts the contents of the filter into a vapour you really would think it was a genuine ciggie. Easy to use with an inbuilt micro-processor in the filter, the electronic cigarette converts the liquid content into a vapour or fine mist. The user:-

  • Inhales the vapour and exhales it
  • Receives a dosage of nicotine in the vapour
  • Receives a hit and satisfaction to meet cravings

The exhaled vapour is water based but looks just like smoke and evaporates in seconds. The “smoke” is non polluting to people close by and to the environment, so great news all round.

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