Misconceptions about where the excess fat goes when we lose weight are readily available for all to read about. Many people believe that the excess fat is transformed into muscles and some of it to energy. This is a gracious misconception and misunderstanding. Mass can never be converted to energy. It is against the law of conservation of energy. Mass can neither be created nor broken down. Energy is also not lost but can only be changed from one form to another. Therefore, it is a misconception to say that when we lose fat, it is lost as energy whereas some of it is converted to muscles. According to latest world news, there are other explanations as to what happens to excess fat when we lose weight. The explanation has however not been adopted, but it gives some clear answers of what happens to the excess fat when we lose weight.

What happens during Metabolism?

For us to lose weight, we must burn out more calories than we take in our bodies per day. That way we burn what take in to provide energy for the bodies activities and when it is not enough we burn the stored fats to get the extra energy needed by the body. Burning of the stored fats is known as metabolism. The products of metabolism are some energy, carbon dioxide, and some water. The energy is used in the body organs activities while carbon dioxide is exhaled to the atmosphere. It is taken up for the purpose of photosynthesis by the plants, and part of it is utilized in the photosynthesis process. This way we maintain the equilibrium of mass and the law of conservation. We take in oxygen for the metabolism process and exhale carbon dioxide to replace the amount of oxygen that we have taken in. The little water that is produced during metabolism is lost to the atmosphere either as urine, sweat, tears and other bodily fluids. Lungs are the primary excretory organ involved in losing the excess fat. It’s the organ that is mainly involved in exhaling carbon dioxide that is produced during metabolism.

The rate of metabolism dictates the amount of fats that we lose. When we are active, our bodies need a lot of energy. A lot of fats need to be broken down so that they can provide the required energy. This is the reason exercising is regarded as the best way of losing weight by style and beauty blogs. According to latest world news, many people have turned to exercising as a way of losing weight. People have turned away from leptiburn biotrust that were mainly used for losing weight in the past. Latest celebrity news, however, shows that many celebrities are still using the product so as to lose weight.


White and Brown Fat

White fat is what is responsible for obesity and weight adding. It is mostly a problem with the aged and obese people. Sometimes, our styles and beauty dictate what type of fat that we have. Those people that exercise a lot have their white fat broken down to brown fats and triglycerides. The triglycerides are easy to break down into carbon, hydrogen and water. These are easy to be used in the metabolism process. Exercising also helps to break the white fat into the healthy brown fat. The brown fat does not stress the body during the metabolism process. Having brown fat is healthier, and it is a way of weight loss. Sometimes when we take foods that are not rich in calories, we use the fats in our bodies to provide the required energy. When people fast or are on the diet, they shrink because their stored fats are broken down and used in metabolism leading to weight loss.


The human bodies are a sink of carbon. When we grow and accumulate fat, we are storing fats. Since mass can never be created nor destroyed, the mass that we build up in our bodies can only be changed from one form to another but cannot be destroyed. When we lose them, they are only converted from fats to carbon and water during the metabolism process. The metabolism process is a natural process and a healthy one. Losing weight through exercising is a safer and better way of losing weight than using leptiburn biotrust. Latest world news advocate for maintaining body weight. It is important for one to observe their lifestyle as it plays a significant role in managing body weight. Latest celebrity news show how celebrities struggle with the problem of weight loss. We should not be duped by the vague explanations of where the lost fat goes. Education in schools should be revised to explain the process of weight loss.

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