Features And Benefits Of European Health Card

Proper medical treatment is a must for all. Many states in the world provide free medical aid to their citizens while the private NGOs also facilitate the required medical treatment. Those desirous of availing free or discounted medical facilities in Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and European Union country can do so through the European health card. Such facilities are available in the GPs and state-run hospitals.

European Health Card

Following facts must be borne in mind by the persons that intend to hold the EHIC and make use of the relevant facilities –

EHIC is totally free and is valid for a period of five years.

It is much helpful for its holders that can avail the same treatment like the local citizens while they are in Europe. All UK residents,   except the ones living in Channel Islands and Isle of Man are eligible for the medical treatment.

It is surprising to note that approx half of the UK people do not hold this card.

It may be noted that EHIC holders are not entitled for free treatment. They get the same treatment like that of the citizens of that particular country. If the latter are treated free then the EHIC holders are also eligible for free treatment. Same rates are applicable for the card holders too. Candidly, this is a reciprocal agreement across Europe, means the EU citizens are eligible to use the NHS in the same way.

Those going abroad just for getting treated are not covered under EHIC scheme.

EHIC replaces the old E111 form that was applicable in 2005. Those travelling in Europe are advised to hold an EHIC. It facilitates extra protection in addition to the usual travel insurance.

This card can be renewed up to six months prior the expiry of the existing EHIC.

Separate cards for children under sixteen are a must. It can be obtained by filling the relevant section of the application form that may be done by the guardians on behalf of the children.

The card must be possessed at all times by the card holders otherwise they may have to pay up front in case of emergencies. Alternatively, the Provisional Replacement Certificate may be necessitated to prove your entitlement for the discounted medical facilities in case you forget to carry EHIC.

Patient contributions have to be made by the persons holding EHIC when they visit certain countries. As rules keep on changing, so the card holders must get updated by visiting the NHS website.

EHIC is not any substitute for travel insurance. It is just a medical cover that facilitates access to the state-run hospitals depending upon the country to be visited by the card holders.

The free smart phone app for iPhone, Windows and Android provides valuable country-by-country info through the European Commission. Desirous persons can have the information about the places for treatment, costs and contact details in case they lose their EHIC. The information can be downloaded and used offline.

European health card is the valuable document that facilitates extraordinary health care facilities to the holders.

Benefits of Taking Magnesium Tablets

Magnesium is one of the most common minerals found in the human body. In fact, it is one of the only minerals that are found in such abundant amounts. According to research estimates, the human body contains approximately 25 grams of Magnesium. Approximately half of that figure is found in your bones.

Needless to say, magnesium plays a very important role in maintaining your health. It also plays a very crucial role in the smooth performance of more than 300 bodily functions. These functions are important for making sure that the body continues to work properly.

Most people get magnesium through their diets. Certain foods you eat contain small amounts of magnesium. When the food goes into your stomach, it is broken down into its constituent components. The magnesium is utilized by the body and used to maintain crucial functions. However, in case the levels of magnesium drop too low, you may have to take some magnesium supplements. Magnesium supplements are commonly available in the form of tablets. Here are a few benefits of magnesium tablets:

Magnesium Tablets

It Reverses Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a medical condition in which the bones become very weak and brittle. Usually, it is caused due to old age. With the passage of time, bones become so brittle that they can break with common actions such as bending or coughing. Fractures are most commonly caused in the spine, wrists or hips. Many studies have shown that taking a steady supply of magnesium supplements can actually help reverse osteoporosis. Magnesium helps to improve the bone mineral density and also improves the metabolism of calcium.

It Prevents Cardiovascular Diseases

Cardiovascular diseases (problems relating to the heart) can be averted by maintaining a steady intake of magnesium. Many dietary surveys have shown that taking a sufficient amount of magnesium can significantly reduce the chances of a heart stroke. A lack of magnesium in the body can increase the chances of abnormal heart rhythms. This is extremely harmful, especially for a patient that is recovering from a heart attack. It can severely increase the risks of complications. Hence, taking a sufficient supply of magnesium can help reduce the risk of coronary heart diseases.

It Helps Treat Diabetes

Many studies have shown that magnesium can actually help treat diabetes. Research surveys have shown that individuals who suffer from a deficiency of magnesium are at an increased risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. They are also at a risk of developing severe diabetic retinopathy. Magnesium helps to control the glucose levels in the blood. It controls the release of insulin in the body. Many studies have shown that by increasing the intake of magnesium by 100 mg, a decrease of 15% was noted in the risk associated with the development of Type 2 diabetes.

Magnesium tablets from Australian NaturalCare are an excellent choice. You can place an order online and get the tablets delivered to your doorstep at a very affordable price. Not only does it help relieve muscle cramps, but it also helps with headaches.

Why Reconsider Surgery for Hemorrhoids

More than 50% of us will suffer from piles at some point in our lives before we turn fifty. But despite being so incredibly common, most of us aren’t open to discussing hemorrhoid treatment options with one another. One common type of treatment is surgery. There is no question that in some scenarios surgery is the answer, but in several others, alternative treatments can alleviate the symptoms and heal the hemorrhoids without having to go to such drastic measures.

Surgery for Hemorrhoids

Your Surgical Options

  • External Hemorrhoids

External hemorrhoids are those which are visible and can often be felt. The surgical procedure for this type of hemorrhoid (known as a hemorrhoidectomy) is used to remove very large and uncomfortable hemorrhoids. If there is a blood clot present, it will also be removed in order to ensure full pain relief. In many cases, a hemorrhoidectomy is only performed if the anal area is being treated for another reason.

  • Internal Hemorrhoids

Internal hemorrhoids are surgically treated using the same procedure as external hemorrhoids. The surgical procedure is typically only performed to treat large internal hemorrhoids or a grouping of several smaller hemorrhoids.

A Visit to the Doctor’s Office

In some situations, a quick trip to the doctor’s office may help. Rather than undergo surgery, your doctor may be able to make a small incision where a lump has grown. This will remove the blood clot, reduce the pressure and pain, and expedite the healing of a larger hemorrhoid.

The Problem with Surgery

Doctors are extremely cautious when recommending surgery as a treatment for hemorrhoids. Many see it as an unnecessary risk and will only suggest surgery as a final measure. Some common risks that come with surgery include:

  • Uncontrolled bleeding
  • A negative reaction to an anaesthetic
  • Infections

It is also important to consider that the anal area is surrounded by extremely tender tissues. Given that the area will need stitching to properly heal, those who opt for surgery are often met with days of incredible pain, swelling and discomfort.

Looking into Natural Treatments

The first and often only step that one has to take when treating hemorrhoids is to treat them by natural means. Some common natural treatments include:

  • Changing one’s diet: Incorporate more fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as healthy fibres into your diet
  • Increase one’s exercise: Even a brisk 20 to 30-minute walk around the block can help alleviate discomfort and improve bowel function
  • Change one’s posture when toileting: Try squatting on the toilet rather than sitting. You may need a stool or some books to help prop your feet up, but it makes eliminating easier

In addition to the above, consider taking a natural supplement to help expedite healing. There are a number of products on the market, so do your research. Look into how effective the treatment has been for others, read the list of ingredients, and most importantly, receive your doctor’s approval to use the treatment prior to taking it.

The Truth about Hair Transplants

A thick head of hair can be a major confidence booster for men and once that hair begins to thin, many men will begin to panic.

For most, this unwelcome hair thinning will start to occur in the later years of their life, but for others, it may happen as soon as their thirties or even twenties.

And when it does happen, every balding man has his own chosen solution. Some will shave off their remaining hair to sport the bald look, some will don a hat whenever they step outside and others will simply shrug and embrace the head of hair (or lack of) that they’ve been granted.

But if you’re not ready to give up on the dream of a full head of hair, could a hair transplant be the answer?

Hair Transplants

Hair transplants

Tapping into this high-demand market, many companies use in-your-face marketing and big promises to entice consumers to purchase their magical hair growing powder, shampoo or serum and unfortunately, some hair transplant clinics will use these high-pressure methods as well.

While the American Hair Loss Association does in fact endorse surgical hair restoration for patients who will truly benefit from such a procedure, it’s important to remember that there are only a select number of qualified surgeons performing hair transplants out there, so be sure to do your homework and thoroughly research your clinic and Doctor options.

How do hair transplants work?

Not the prettiest of procedures, as it stands, hair transplants can only be achieved by taking hair from the back of the scalp to be transplanted to the balding areas.  This is because most men retain most of their hair along the sides and back of the scalp, while the top, front and crown begin to thin.

The hair must be harvested from your own scalp, for if hair is taken from another person, the body will reject the hair unless anti-rejection medication is taken indefinitely.

Then, once their hair has been harvested, it’s then re-inserted into small slits that that the surgeon has made in the balding areas.

These extracted hair follicles and surrounding tissue and skin are called grafts and each of these grafts will contain one or more hair follicles. The thickness, color and texture of your hair will all determine how many grafts are required. For example, thick hair can be transplanted using fewer grafts since it will provide the scalp with more coverage.

The number of transplant procedures you receive will of course depend on the extent of your hair loss. Some men will get the results they seek from one or two treatments, while others will require more.

After the transplant

Once the procedure is complete, you will most likely need to take pain medication, for the scalp will be quite tender. Then, two to three weeks after the transplant, you will notice the transplanted hair fall out, but this will be followed by new in growth in just a few months.

In fact, most people will experience 60% new hair growth in just 6-9 months.

How much will a hair transplant cost?

The cost for a hair transplant can range anywhere from $4,000 to $15,000 depending on the amount of hair being transplanted and because it’s considered cosmetic, this procedure is rarely covered by insurance.

Complete your new look

While excess hair on your head will make you look and feel younger, an excess of facial hair can sometimes have the reverse effect.

So pull out your razor and shaving creams, complete your confident new look with a fresh clean shave and put your best face (and new head of hair) forward.

Advanced healthcare solutions for home treatment

Proper health treatment of patients with hard diseases, for example, patients after stroke, patients with severe chronic or incurable diseases, including oncology requires skilled personnel. Typically, in addition to medical and hygienic procedures constant monitoring of vital signs must be provided as it is vitally to react immediately to the slightest changes. Health state of these patients is often characterized as serious but stable, so the slightest mistake may result in a sharp deterioration in the patient’s health state.

In other words, unskilled care could impair the life and health of the patient. Today, there are lots of companies that are ready to provide qualified nurses and caregivers who have sufficient experience and knowledge to take care of infirm patient. Healthcare services can be provided in a hospital or hospice, but it is also possible to take care of the sick person at home. Your loved ones will be surrounded with the round the clock care and supervision as well as regular hygiene of the patient and the room.

healthcare solutions

All the measures for the prevention of pressure ulcers and adverse illnesses will be also taken. If you entrust your loved ones health to professional caregivers you can be sure that they will get the proper attention and psychological support. It is true that high quality care and every day attention have the most positive impact on the health state improvement of patients with hard diseases.

Stroke is a serious illness that can lead to some very serious consequences. The left-sided or right-sided paralysis, speech, information perception and coordination disorders as well as other dysfunctions are among these consequences. Skilled nurse care and necessary support is very important for these patients. Professional nurses take care of patients after stroke ensuring not only compliance with all health care procedures, patient and premises hygiene, but also regular monitoring of patient’s health state, following strictly the prescriptions for quick recovery.

What does it mean? First, such patients require constant psychological support, as they may experience a state of panic and all kinds of disorders that adversely affect the cardiovascular system. If there is paralysis of the right or left side a course of massage and gymnastics is prescribed to the patient. The first exercises are carried out exclusively by a nurse who helps to work out certain muscles of the patient. Then, ataxia and speech perception disorder can also occur after stroke. Thus, such patient is in need of speech therapy sessions and regular communication, which should be based on the active use of facial expressions, short sentences, slow pronunciation and a clear articulation. It is also recommended to use touch and explanatory gestures.

Experienced healthcare giving company will provide your loved ones with the most competent experts in the sphere of after stroke treatment that will give the necessary and regular care and fulfillment of all prescribed procedures to speed up the recovery process.

Diabetes And Body Workout

Diabetes (diabetes mellitus) is a disorder characterized by a variety of genetic predisposition and interaction between insulin resistance and increased beta-cell function of the pancreas. It is often associated with other health conditions such as high blood pressure, high triglyceride levels and decreased high-density lipoprotein (HDL), and all of these are additional risk factors for arteriosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases.

Body workout is the main therapeutic method in diabetes treatment and complication prevention. Followed by appropriate body workout, adequate nutrition and weight control are effective treatments for patients with diabetes and may stop, but also prevent the disease development in people prone to it.

There is evidence that exercise stimulates muscle glycogen synthesis, increases insulin sensitivity, reduces blood glucose levels and also brings other benefits, such as the stimulation of beta endorphin production.


Better quality of the blood sugar control

During body workout muscles use sugar as an energy source, thereby lower its blood level. Body workout impacts sugar reduction in blood, increasing the insulin sensitivity so the body requires less insulin to transfer glucose into body cells.

Sometimes body workout can have the opposite effect and raise blood sugar levels. Usually this occurs when the blood sugar level is higher than 16,5 millimoles of glucose at the beginning of exercise.

When the blood sugar is very high, exercise stimulates the body to release or produce more glucose. There is not enough insulin available for the transfer of additional sugar into the cells which increases blood sugar levels.

Exercise selection


Studies have shown that yoga caused glycemic control improvement because of the increased percentage of receptors that bind insulin in patients with diabetes. Several studies have examined the effect of practicing yoga on glucose regulation.

The beneficial effects of yoga have been noticed in people with diabetes, including a significant decrease in blood glucose levels after fasting and after having a meal, consummation of food, lower cholesterol and fatty acid concentration, and reduced cortisol levels.

Research suggests that performance of asana leads to an increase in sensitivity of pancreatic beta cells to glucose signal, which may explain the mechanism by which asana has beneficial effect on diabetes.

Yoga exercises should be practiced at least 180 minutes a week.

Aerobic activities

This kind of exercise is sufficient in insulin resistance reduction and blood sugar control improvement. However, during aerobic activity it is necessary to check the blood sugar levels. Remember that this type of exercise is not intense. The best activities of this type are walking, running, cycling, skiing, swimming.

The time you should spend on these activities is at least 180 minutes a week.

Blood sugar levels check

  1. Check your blood sugar level 30 minutes before every workout and just before the very first exercise in order to check its stability.
  2. Safe blood sugar level is between 5,5 to 13,7 mmol / L.
  3. If the level is low, have a bite of something based on carbohydrates to prevent hypoglycemia during the exercise.
  4. If the blood sugar level is higher than 16,5 do not exercise.
  5. Check your blood sugar level during exercise. Eat something sweet if it is lowering.
  6. Check your blood sugar twice after the workout. The harder your exercises are, the longer your blood sugar is used. Hypoglycemia can occur even several hours after exercise.


Short-term changes in lifestyle based on yoga and traditional body workout can, due to the increased binding percentage of insulin receptors, improve glycemic control. It suggests that yoga and traditional body workout create desirable metabolic effects in people with diabetes.

Unlike other chronic diseases, people with diabetes are allowed to practice almost all types of exercise – all you need is to be careful.

The Benefits of Having a Personal Trainer

How many times have you decided that this is the year that you are going to get in shape for summer? Have you joined a gym with the best of intentions, only to stop going after a couple of weeks? Everybody has a lack of motivation every now and again and it is important to highlight this and deal with it as quickly as possible so that you can have the best chance of getting fit and healthy, and then maintaining it; and living in New Rochelle, with its miles of scenic running routes and sports parks means that you are not far away from a sports facilityor recreation area that can provide you with the motivation that you need; and adding to this by receiving the help of a personal trainer while you are in the gym can make your workout routine all the more effective.

Personal Trainer

Motivation and Responsibility

A personal trainer will motivate you and ensure that you maintain responsibility for your workout schedule. You will need to set an appointment with them and once you arrive at the personal training session, your trainer will be waiting for you with a personalised workout routine ready to help you achieve your goals. Your personal trainer will not only help you to decide on the goals that you want to achieve but they will also be able to help you attain these goals in an achievable and realistic way. The personal trainers in New Rochelle are able to motivate you when you are at your lowest and will always believe you even if you do not think you can do it.

Consistent Encouragement

Your personal trainer will also be there to provide you with consistent and solid support throughout your exercise program. There will always have your best interest at heart and care about your success so every hour that you spend with them will be focused on you and your achievements and goals. They will always provide you with feedback to help you better yourself and achieve the results you want. Your personal trainer will not worry about what you look like when you are exercising or compare you to anybody else; they will not judge you or treat you in an unfair way, so you can be confident that they will help you succeed in achieving your goals.

Helpful Support and Techniques

It is possible for you to spend hours researching on the internet, trying to find out the best ways to exercise; but there is no substitute to having a personal trainer by your side being able to teach you techniques and provide you with feedback to improve them; so whether you are working out in one of New Rochelle’s gyms or going for a run around Five Islands Park; a personal trainer will help you to achieve your potential.

As we all know it is very easy to injure yourself whilst you are exercising and having a personal trainer with you who will pay attention to what you were doing during exercises will minimise your chances of sustaining an injury and ensure that you have the best chance of completing a safe and effective workout.

Making Sure You Have a Personalised Program

A personal trainer is able to provide you with a detailed and individual program to suit your needs and help you achieve the goals you have for yourself. Personal trainers are available in most gyms so if you are looking for a gym in New Rochelle you’ll be sure to find a personal trainer to ensure that you maximise your workouts and achieve your goals.

Health as a lifestyle

While we’re young, healthy and carefree, we do not worry about the aging. But, while we are young, we need to think about the care of our skin and body, hair, nails, and about the overall health. In each period of life, proper care is a precondition for health and beauty.

Life screenplay usually looks like this: We’re young and we do not worry about wrinkles, stretch marks, cellulite… And then, after the age of thirty there are the first signs of aging. Many women start to panic. They buy the most expensive and the best skin care products, they spend hours in beauty salons and they are willing to undergo to extreme interventions for beauty. Women want to look like gorgeous ladies from magazine covers and celebrities. Therefore, the most women suffer and desperately want to get rid of wrinkles and other signs of aging.

healthy lifestyle

How to prevent wrinkles?

Appearance of wrinkles is a normal process of aging of our skin. Are you afraid of the aging? You do not have any reason to worry. Many smart and gorgeous women around the world have proven that even aging can be beautiful and graceful. Let’s take the example of Chinese women. Chinese women use organic skin care products such as teas (especially green tea). Indian women drink ginger tea. French women use the extract of grapes. All these natural ingredients contribute to an increase of collagen and elastin in the skin. You see, there is no reason for concern!

The best solution is a healthy lifestyle. What does that mean? Follow a few simple tips:

1.      Sleep 8-11 hours a day

2.      Take a walk in the nature.

3.      Eat healthy foods and drink plenty of liquids (tea, mineral water, lemonade, etc.)

4.      Avoid any stress, smoking and alcoholic beverages.

5.      Use sun block creams and Lotion with UV protection.

This lifestyle can alleviate existing wrinkles and prevent the formation of new wrinkles.

How to get rid of wrinkles?

In the first place, every problem is solved by the discovery of the cause. Skin problems should be solved systematically and intelligently. Don’t use unverified skin care products. Each skin has its own peculiarities. If some kind of product is good for your friend, that does not mean that’s good for your skin. Consult with experts, such as doctors, dermatologists and good beauticians. Don’t throw your money on expensive and unverified treatments!

Technologies in the field of beauty and health has progressed in recent years. There are many skin care products that can help you. There are devices that are used in combination with some nourishing and moisturizing lotions and creams. In this way, the best effect is achieved. There are portable devices which penetrate deeply into the skin and stimulate circulation to the surface and internal the cells of the skin. Face lifting is implemented by the BIO waves that can erase wrinkles on a natural way. Some devices that operate on this principle, and which have proved very successful, you can find on PleasingCare. Get rid of the wrinkles and look younger and happier!