Get back in shape after C section

Just after 9 months of carrying the heavy belly with your loved one inside it, you would eagerly wanted to get back to your previous shape. C sections usually take more time to recover our body when compared with the normal vaginal deliveries, the reason is that you have just gone through a major surgery and so the muscles and other things takes time in the recovery. With the correct balance of recovery, muscle work, light exercise and good eating, you’ll easily able to reach the goal weight and you will also be able to get back the strength and stamina which you will need to care for the new born.

Step 1

You must wait for the exercises untill your first check up after the delivery. It is quite possible that you will feel as if you are ready but your incision point needs time to heal the tissues. It usually take up to 5 to 6 weeks before you start light exercise and start making up your exercise routine.

Step 2

Initially you should start by strengthening and tightening the abdominal muscles with some breathing exercises that are specifically designed to make your abdominal muscle work. You can try performing these small exercises from the first day of your C-section. You just have to place your hands or you can even try a pillow over the C section site and then start breathing deeply and try filling up your diaphragm with best possible amount of air, then exhale slowly, try to repeat the same exercise until you start feeling that your muscle is tired. You can easily repeat the exercise as many times a day. There are people who go for ReShape Ready: gastric balloon weight loss as well which is also a good process.

Step 3

You must take the diet that is full of nutrients and are low in saturated or bad fat.  You should also ignore the excess amount of sugar intake. With this you will be able to lose weight and the nutrients of the food will support the healing process and will also help you in making sufficient amount of milk supply. You must choose whole grains, vegetables and fresh fruits and low protein that have low fat. You can even try weight loss balloon so that you rapidly loose the weight.

Step 4

You should never ignore breastfeeding your baby. In a research it is found that the mothers who breastfeed the babies lose more weight when compared with the ones who ignore breast feeding. Breastfeeding is a natural process that will bring your body to the same weight as before. This will help your body to burn more amount of calories at the time of generating milk.

Natural Skincare regimen in India

With a plethora of skincare products available on the shelves of your nearest supermarket which promise to fight everything from acne to chapped lips and hair fall, it is only the strongest among us who can resist their lure in favour of natural products or home remedies which have been a part of the skin care regime of Indian women since times immemorial.

Beauty in your kitchen

The benefits of a gram flour and turmeric scrub or a disinfecting need face pack are part of the wisdom that is handed down from mother to daughter, and it is not unusual for an Indian mother to head to the kitchen instead of the dresser for a remedy when her adolescent daughter comes to her with her first pimple. Although they are mostly easy to concoct and effective, home remedies are often messy and cumbersome, which is why we tend to depend on stores for our daily skincare.

Chemical concoctions to avoid

While commercial cosmetics look and smell great, they may not necessarily be the best option for your skin. The chemicals they use may actually end up harming you by reacting with the bacteria on your skin to aggravate the condition. Thankfully, there are now several brands in the market which claim to sell natural skin care products.

Choose a genuine product

Although brand name is reassuring, it is by no means the only guarantee of quality. When shopping, do consider local, and lesser known brands too and include them in your skincare routine. They are likely to have used fresh ingredients, and may be closer to your grandmother’s recipes as they are manufactured on a small scale. Natural products are easily identified by their label. The ingredients listed are derived either from the land or from the sea. Further confirmation can be gained if the product carries a label from a certifying authority. When shopping, do take care to read the label of the product, and try and buy a natural one for the care of skin.

Symptomatic of a deeper problem

Skin problems are not necessarily only skin deep. The may be symptomatic of a deeper problem. Hormonal imbalances, thyroid problems and even chronic digestive problems can trigger skin ailments. It is important to consult a dermatologist if you are facing nagging skin disorders. A dermatologist will not only identify the root cause of the issue but also recommend a diet and skin care regime which is best suited to your skin type. Do remember that usually dermatologists also have a very real and scientific view of the home remedies we depend on and are best equipped to recommend a suitable chemical free cure for your problem. Speak to your doctor about a natural skin treatment option, and you are sure to get the advice you will treasure.

Choose The Top Natural Anti Aging Swiss Skin Care Products

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Award Winner:

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The Decision to Get a Plastic Surgery Done

The decision to get a plastic surgery done can be a really challenging one. It could either make or break things. Don’t even expect that any kind of plastic surgery could make you look like those Hollywood queens. But, it will definitely make you look better, which should be a good enough reason to undergo a surgery.

The first thing to keep in mind before undergoing any surgery is – not be influenced by anybody. Let the surgery be your decision and nobody else’s.

When I suffered from an accident few years back, I was hardly eighteen. I didn’t wish to live the rest of my life with that disfigured face, just because of an accident. Once my injuries were healed, I started looking for good plastic surgeon in jacksonville, who could help me regain by lost appearance. Thankfully, I found one! With initial consultation and after a few surgical settings, I was able to revive my looks, which made me feel much better.

It is not a miracle to be honest, but what it does is – it restores the function of tissues and broken skin if any and ultimately improves your appearance.

There are so many of us who have come across unfortunate incidents like a fire or an accident. Such incidents make one lose the natural texture or structure of skin. Majority of accidents cause people to get injured with a permanent scar or a mark, which isn’t curable through regular medicines. But you needn’t worry; most specialists of plastic surgery are experienced enough to conduct such surgeries in an easy and comfortable manner.

If it’s a burn or a scar, they conduct surgery to place new skin on your body. The injury marks or scars which you thought would permanently stay with you can also be done away with, through a surgery. Such surgeries help replace the lost skin and maintain the original tissue structure. People undergoing any such treatments become more confident post surgery and gain back their self esteem.

Plastic surgery has two branches –

Cosmetic Surgery and Reconstructive Surgery

  • The enhancement procedure is conducted as a part of cosmetic plastic surgery.
  • Structural changes or damage repair of the body is usually conducted as a part of reconstructive surgery.

Only a certified and experienced plastic surgeon can help individuals change the way they look by removing any kind of deformities or imperfections as much as possible. Please remember, you need to take good care of your body to prolong the positive effects of plastic surgery.

Causes of Oily Skin And Its Prevention

The oily and greasy skin causes a lot of health problems, so it should be cared properly. If you will be careless from your skin, then it will lead to acne breakouts and blackheads. In the first stage it will be unsightly, but afterward it may lead to a hazardous problem for you. There rises a question that what you have to do and what is its prevention.

Oily Skin

The causes of fatty skin tone

It is adolescents of his or her when hormones adjusting it self and a lot more troubles takes place. Don’t consider that it has only one or two causes, it has innumerable. You will be miserable to estimate that a huge will be consumed on its treatment. You will be surprise to hear that its treatment is so cheap like to purchase   flat shoes, cosmetic makeup products, or buying birth control supplement. It will be wise able to keep it all the time on your brain, it is only a problem which can be cured. Remember it may occur at all stages of life. However when you become mature the color of your skin has a tendency to come to be clothing dryer.

Greasy and troublesome oily element comes out from oil glands and they are large in size near the nose portion. It occurs in teens especially. There is a hormone of our body named androgen which makes acrylic in bulk quantity, thus causes pimple on our face skin. There is a blockage in follicles, caused by the greasy skin color which leads to the acne.

Purifying the face area

If you are not cleaning the head properly, you will get harm, because the microscopic holes may unlock and lower the quality of soil within. Therefore get rid them of properly, that will minimize the pimples.  Keep in mind that never scrubs the pimples with hot water. Also it is important that don’t use any hard material or cleansers; this will be much more harmful and reverse the problem. Use a drying out impact on slimy inner skin.

Continually try to relax

Androgens produce a lot of acrylic when the body is in tension, which causes greasy skin color. So you are no need to become emotional all the time and on all the occasions. Surely your allergies with menstruation can go with it, so that you may have greasy dermis.

For remedy of all these nasty and annoying fatty skin tone use Benzyl Bleach. It is surely the most beneficial because it performs by 50 % various ways.

You should be careful of hydrating creams and oil dependent make-up, because it disturbs your sensitive skin and produce irritation. Not only keep in search of high quality creams to overcome the factor of acne and pimple, but you change your style of in taking food. You very well that what are the causes of skin diseases, but if you have any doubt about it, consult with your dermatologist and took his advice.

Not only think this and that, if your skin is getting junk, there might be many complicated reasons of it, but everything is cure able and takes time. So be patience and give proper time to your dermatologist.

Care For Long Hair

If you care for your body, then look after the hair. You should know that what you are gaining & losing, it will be better to make a chart. Colors effect on sensitive hair, so keep in mind that all colors are not giving favor to you. It is advisable to select such color that suits you. It will not give harm to you.

Care For Long Hair

Wash your hair daily with a favorable shampoo. Buy it from any top class cosmetic store.  It is necessary to apply a conditioner every day after cleansing. Take a soft and spongy towel to soak your hair. Now the brushing will be easy for you.

If you will polish your hair by yourself that may create a problem for you, the head of hair will be knotted. If you want a remarkable result then take an extra large towel turban. Wrap the towel around your curly hair for drying. Dryer is not necessary for all the time, so put it aside.

Start combing from lower portion and then go upward. You have nice hair, so find all the knots and remove them to achieve the smoothness. Work gently and softly and   avoid tugging.

The people who have extensive hair, always wish to have a little acrylic, they should use olive oil. For stroking use your hands & wrist. As olive oil have a dense property, use it very less. It will give you shining and softness. As everybody knew, olive is anti-oxidant, so it will give you a full protection from the diseases.

Like combing laundering is necessary. It you want to twist your hair, make a conversation with any expert or with any of your friend. That is not appealing to have a wrist strap in your hand bag.

A few men & women have long curls, it will advisable to put on it regularly. You should know that fairly curls can give a protection to your hair.  It will give you a pleasure and joy when you take your curls up all the time. The people will admire it and feel hearty that wondrous hair you keep. Surely it is a gift by the nature.

The importance of detangling wet hair correctly

You can think of the hair like a pencil:

– the lead is like the medulla, the central core or innermost layer of the hair

– the wooden part is like the cortex, the middle layer or main part of the hair where all chemical changes take place

– the paint of the pencil can be likened to the cuticle of the hair, the outer layer.

The cuticle is the part that we can feel, it is the part that gets damaged if you treat it harshly or if u use poor quality products or you apply too much heat. It is made up of scales that overlap and lie flat.

The direction in which the hair cuticle lies is from the roots, overlapping to the points. this means that the hair feels smooth when you stroke it towards the points but more rough if you run your fingers from points to roots, against the lie of the cuticle.

The importance of detangling wet hair correctly

In order to understand the importance detangling wet hair in the correct way it is important that you know how the cuticle is constructed and how it is affected by various things.

Certain things will cause the cuticle to lift out from the surface of the hair:

– if it becomes damaged

– when it gets wet

– when it is heated

– through the use of certain alkaline products.

Shampooed hair is wet by water and heated because the water is warm so the cuticle is slightly raised. The raised scales will catch on each other and the may tangle. If you treat it harshly at this time it will damage the cuticle.

You must take care to detangle it gently by combing it in the direction in which the cuticle lies which means you must always comb the hair from points to roots and without stretching it or putting stress onto it. This is particularly important when the hair is long or if it is already damaged.

Adapt Your Beauty Regime To Suit The Season

Surely the summer season make you miserable and terrifying. You may be dehydrate, your hair and your beauty regime requiring an overhaul. Here are some points to ponder.

Adapt Your Beauty Regime To Suit The Season

1-Helping hands:

To help eradicate unsightly sun spots that may have appeared on your hands during the season, use any helpful formula to relief them. Most of the moisture-rich formula contains Beta carotene & mulberry extract, which regulates the production of melanin, the skin tanning pigment, to help rectify discoloration.

2-Spirit reviver:

Put your lightweight summer fragrance away and lift your spirit with a richer, warmer aroma. Scent containing essence of cinnamon, geranium, juniper, sandalwood, rosewood and neroli will help ward off the rough season as these essences are reputed to have reviving properties.

3-Glowing health:

Prolong radiance by smoothing on fake tan, which quickly color white hydrating the skin. Those with an oily complexion should opt for a gel formulation, which should be lighter on the skin. For the body use a moisture-rich preparation. It creates a subtle golden glow its idea as color-enhancing daily moisture.

4-Re-hydrating mask:

If your skin feels tight and dry as a result of too much sun or from the onset of the bad weather, treat it with a re-hydrating mask. The mask will gently cleanse the skin and help restore moisture content.

5- Body bliss:

Just your body is hidden under layers of clothing; it’s no excuse to neglect it. Use an ultra-rich body lotion to keep the skin’s moisture levels topped.

6-Lip service:

Lip balm is a must have if want to avoid dry, chapped lips use any suitable cream stick. It can be used to treat the lips, while doubling as a quick- fix for dry cuticles.

7. Moisture boost:

Swap light weight summer moisture with a richer formation. Exposure to harsh weather and central healing pollution can sap essential hydration from the complexion, so look for a moisturizer that will regulate the skin’s natural moisture levels.

8-Circulation workout:

The rough summer play havoc with your circulation. Treat the feet to a regular message, it will benefit the whole body and jump-start blood flow. Knead into the sole of the feet, exerting pressure on the tip of each toe, and then use sweeping motions to work over the tops of the feet. Alternatively rub your feet over a wooden roller. It will give you a reflexology style workout.

9-Color change:

Always customize your foundation to suit the season, it your existing summer base is too dark to suit bad season pallor, try mixing it with different shades to produce a paler look. Choose a light reflective white base, with your foundation, for a brighter look.

10-Face spritzers:

If you used a mineral water spray to freshen your face and set your make-up switches to a hydrating formula to reinforce the skin’s moisture-retaining abilities.

11-Frizz fix:

Switch your normal hair conditioner to a leave in formulation if your hair is prone to frizziness. Form a moisture repelling shield on the hair shaft to keep atmospheric moisture out.

12-Lipstick switch:

Update last season lip color by slicking on a top coat of prescriptive lip polish. This metallic gold gloss can be worn over any shade of lipstick to give a modern finish or it can be used to add high shine to nude lips.