Millions of people avoid having their teeth fixed because they fear visiting a dental office. Some of these people have had negative experiences at a dentist when they were young and others went through something traumatic or painful as adults. Regardless of why, far too many of these individuals avoid seeking routine dental care because they are scared. If you’re one of the many people who doesn’t want to go to a dentist because you’re fearful, you should know that there is very likely a sedation dentist near you that can help.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry refers to the use of sedative medications to relax and calm patients. These medications can be given before or during a dental procedure. The medications work by slowing down the central nervous system so that the patient feels less anxiety while still being able to respond to verbal and physical stimulation.

How the Calming Drugs are Administered

The following types of sedation are used by a sedation dentist:

Nitrous oxide gas – Combined with oxygen and administered through a mask placed over the nose

Pills – Often Halcion is given prior to the procedure to make the patient relaxed and drowsy

IV sedation – Sedative drugs are given through a vein

Deep sedation and general anesthesia – Medications are given to make the patient almost unconscious or totally unconscious via general anesthesia wherein he/she is not easily awakened until the medication wears off or is reversed.

How Dentists become trained in Sedation Dentistry

There are sedation dentistry courses available all around the world at both dental schools and private organizations. General and pediatric dentists can take these courses so that they can become special sedation dentists.

How Patients Benefit

If it weren’t for sedation dentistry, a great many of the millions of people who are very fearful of seeing a dentist would never make an appointment. Sedation dentistry has grown in popularity over the years as it provides frightened patients with many benefits. The main benefits provided to both the patients and dentists includes:

· Increased comfort and relaxation

· More patient cooperation

· Less gag reflex

· Little or no memory of the treatment obtained

· Time savings as fewer appointments are necessary

Allows you to Completely Relax in the Dental Chair
If you have a deep-seated fear of going to the dentist, you may not believe it but it’s true that you can completely relax while sitting in the dental chair once you’ve been given sedative medications. Even if the thought of just having your teeth cleaned is enough to make you squeamish, you will benefit greatly by setting up an appointment with a sedation dentist.

If you continue to neglect having your teeth worked on, you may end up with severe pain wherein you will be forced to find a dentist very quickly. And, it’s likely that you will end up needing to have your teeth extracted because you neglected seeing a dentist for so long. Do yourself a favor and look for a doctor near you that specializes in sedation dentistry.

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