Do you consider eyelid surgery but you’re afraid of scars? Don’t you worry because there are lots of options to help you in combating scar formation. Here, top surgeons in Sydney weigh in the top 8 methods to reduce scar after an eyelid surgery.

  1. Good Surgical Techniques

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Did you know that scar therapy actually starts during the surgery? Yes, this is because surgical technique defines it all. This includes experience, expert tissue handling and accurate approximation during the surgery. Apart from that, avoiding external sutures is also paramount in in achieving minimal scarring. For this reason alone, it is very important that you choose a reputed surgeon who is known for using trusted techniques when it comes to eye bag  removal Sydney.

  1. Topical Scar Creams

One way to help you fight scars is to use over-the-counter scar creams. This can encourage faster scar recovery. However, make sure to choose the right cream. Since there are lots of options in the marketplace, it’s wise if you ask for pieces of advice from your surgeon or health care provider.

  1. Silicon Tape

Silicon sheeting is also an effective way when it comes to treating scars by creating moisture to the skin. It helps in fighting the formation of bad collagen that can lead to scaring. As a result, moist environments are considerably conducive to recovery and at the same time prevent the buildup of immature collagen.

  1. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

According to experts, scars go through a certain maturation process and will start by becoming pink. After that, they will turn to red and will eventually evolved to white. Having said that, Intense Pulsed Light or IPL does not only aim to diminish the redness quicker but also helps in speeding up healing.

  1. Microdermabrasion

Are you familiar with Microdermabrasion? Well, it is quite similar to micro sandblasting through the use of very fine crystals. This is an effective method in reducing the formation of scar after your eyelid surgery. At the same time, microdermabrasion is also a great way to smooth an area as well as make the scars blend better.

  1. Surgical revision


Sometimes re-excising a scar immediately can be a successful method in reducing the formation of a scar. With that being said, surgical revision can be an option. Say for instance, you can opt for Kenalog injection. In extreme cases, surgeons also excise the scar and will apply some radiation treatments to reduce scars after eye lift surgery in Sydney.

  1. Radiation

If you’ve been to eyelid surgery, radiation is another choice to fight scar. Radiation is typically connected to cancer therapies and it truly works wonders for scar. It is advisable for patients to undergo radiation procedure directly along with a series of treatments.

  1. Genetics

Experts say that genetics is also a factor in patient’s struggle to scar. Scarring may develop based on the patient’s genetics, skin tone, and even other scars they on their body. Generally, patients with darker skin tones are likely to have a higher chance for keloid scars, hypertrophic scars and pigmented scars.

The appearance of scars is a struggle after an eyelid surgery. But you can do something. With the given scar-fighting tips above, you can reduce the formation of annoying scars after the procedure. However, before you go for any methodology in removing or reducing scars, make sure to discuss things with your surgeon or your primary health care provider. By doing so, peace of mind rests easy on your hands.

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