You should check on any search engine the keyword: “marijuana vaporizer,” you will notice that there are numerous types on the market. That is the main reason why we decided to provide you with a guide that will help you make a quality purchase and valid choice.

With top marijuana vaporizers that you can find for various price ranges, we recommend you to read our entire guide because it will help you make up your mind. It does not matter which brand you wish to choose because the first question is which type is the best for your needs.

  1. Desktop Vaporizers

Desktop or stay at home vaporizers is bulky choices for convenient weed use. They are not for transportation because they require electric plug and they are bulkier than other solutions on the market.

Even thoughthey are not as portable as other types of marijuana vaporizers; they will deliver you high-quality vapor and additional features that will provide you peace of mind. For example, you can get balloon attachments for your stationary vaporizer to enjoy all the way.

If you choose the one with a big bowl, you will get additional stopping power. You do not have to worry, because desktop vaporizers are perfect for home use,especially for the huge group. The main problem is an expensive price tag that you have to invest to get it, but it worth’s every single cent.

To learn how vaping actually works, click here.

  1. Portable Vaporizers

If you want to have absolute freedom and mobility with the idea to use vaporizers in various locations, this is the best choice for your specific needs. The main selling point of these particular vaporizers is the convenience and possibility to use it on the go.

Most of them feature a battery that you can recharge, while you can choose different flame options to keep the weed as healthy as always.

  1. Tubing/Whip Vaporizers

Whip vaporizers feature a silicone tube that we tend to call a whip, which will deliverhigh-quality vapor. You have to connect a tube to a vaporizer and to inhale it right from the mouthpiece.

If you have a desktop vaporizer, you can use whips with it to enjoy the convenience and straightforward performance. The main advantage of choosing this particular type of vaporizers is that you will be able to control the amount of vapor you want to take based on your inhalation rate.

  1. Forced Air Vaporizers

This particular option comes with tubing/whip vaporizers, and it is not the main delivery method that it comes with it. Essentially, the main idea is to push the vapor through a gentle fan that will create a breeze of inhalation.

That forced air can work with a wide array of oils and herbs, which is why some people use it for aromatherapy due to its convenience.

  1. Balloon/Bag Vaporizers

In most forced air systems, you will be able to use balloon vaporizers to fill bags with vapor. They are the perfect choice for group use because a bunch of people can share a bag by passing it through. Therefore, it is a great choice for vapor lounges that you can find in Canada and other areas across North America.

Balloon vaporizers are the most efficient method of vaporization that will provide you with high-quality effects after each use. Check this website: to learn how to vape by using balloon vaporizer.

  1. Direct Draw Vaporizers

Direct draw vaporizer is one of the most popular and most common ways for portable vaporizers. They will provide you mouthpieces that you can easily attach to the unit so that the vapor will flow directly from the element to the user.

Therefore, you will get an instant hit with great effects afterward. Some direct draw vaporizers feature a removable stem, so you will be able to attach the mouthpiece to enjoy all the way.

  1. Butane Vaporizers

This particular type of vaporizers features butane that will power them up by burning and heating the element. The best thing about it is the ability to recharge it instantly, which is a way better consideration when compared with battery-powered vaporizers.

Butane vaporizers are the perfect choice for people who want to find an alternative to electricity as a power source.

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